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Serving our Communities Since 1993

This Organization shall be known as the Georgia Coroners Association.
The purposes for which this organization has been formed are:

  1. To secure a closer official and personal relationship among Coroners and Deputy Coroners.
  2. To secure unity of action in matter’s relating to the Coroner’s duties.
  3. To elevate the standards of the Office of Coroner in each county.
  4. To promote the adoption of more scientific methods for detection of crime.
  5. To recommend desirable changes in the present state statues relating to the duties of the Office of Coroner and to promote legislation which is deemed desirable.
  6. To foster good cooperation between Coroners and other Law Enforcement Officials.
  7. To promote a better understanding with the public respecting the nature of services rendered by Coroners of the State of Georgia.

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Spring Annual Meeting & off-site Class

April 22-24, 2024
Jekyll Island Club Resort

GPSTC registration will open on January 22, 2024. We will contact our members when the registration is open.

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