Coroner, Basic Class Dates

Course Length: 40 hrs
Start Date                        End Date                    Location
12/04/2017                     12/08/2017          GPSTC, FORSYTH
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Coroner, In-Service

Course Length: 24 Hour

* See below for further details

08/06/2018 08/08/2018 Tifton
08/15/2018 08/17/2018 AUGUSTA, GA*
09/19/2018 09/21/2018 HELEN, GA*
10/17/2018 10/19/2018 GPSTC, FORSYTH
12/12/2018 12/14/2018


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During every calendar year they are in office, every coroner and deputy coroner shall be required, as a condition of continuing to serve as coroner, to take a training course approved by the Georgia Coroner’s Training Council pursuant to Code Section 45-16-66.  Any coroner or deputy coroner taking the approved training course provided by the Georgia Police Academy shall receive the same expense allowance per day as that received by a member of the General Assembly, plus reimbursement of actual transportation costs while traveling by public carrier or the legal mileage rate for the use of a personal automobile and registration fees for such training course.  Such expense allowance and reimbursements shall be paid by the county governing authority from county funds.  In the event, however, that a coroner or deputy is prevented in any calendar year from taking such training by sickness or other providential cause, the requirement of training for that year may be waived by the Georgia Coroner’s Training Council.

Furthermore, no person shall be eligible to offer for election to or to hold the office of coroner unless he or she has successfully completed the next scheduled class no longer than 180 days after such person’s election or appointment a basic training course provided by the Georgia Police Academy.

GPSTC is moving toward online preregistration for all classes.  If you are responsible for your agency’s training, it is critical that agencies either establish an Agency Access account, or verify the information in their existing account, within the next 30 days.  This action will be necessary in order to complete the online registration process. 

If you are responsible for your agency’s training and need to establish an Agency Access account, please submit an Agency Setup Request.   If you already have an account, but do not know your agency’s login or password, please complete the Forgot Password option in order to reset your password.

Upon logging in to your account, you will be asked to verify your agency’s name, agency type (local, state, federal, private, etc), contact information, and personnel listing.  To assist you with updating your personnel listing, we have already inactivated students that have not attended training with GPSTC in the past five years.  Inactivated students will retain all historical records, but will be designated with “Unknown Agency” until confirmed by their current employer.  If you would like to return any of these personnel to your listing, you may do so by selecting “Add Personnel to Roster”.

You will also be required to identify account administrators that will be allowed to register personnel for future training and/or view transcripts/reports.   Future activity, July 1, 2014 and after, will be initiated by the administrators using their personal login information, rather than the generic Agency Access login.  Any agencies that have not updated their information within the next 30 days will be designated as “inactive”, and will become ineligible for future training until such time as updated records can be verified.

If you have questions regarding this process, you may also contact the Registrar’s Office at, or at (478) 993-4458 or 4225 during regular business hours.

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Augusta In-Service

Date:                                    August 15 through August 17, 2018.

Location:                             Foundation Club

                       1006 Azalea Dr.

                                              Augusta, Ga.

Check-In:                            Tuesday August 14, 2018

Breakfast and Lunch provided by: Augusta University Tissue Donor Services

Thursday Dinner provided by: Ford Mortuary Transport @ Sconyer’s BBQ

Hotel Accommodations:   Sheraton Inn-Augusta   (Special Block Rate-Advise You Are A Georgia Coroner’s Association Member)

1069 Stephens Creek Rd.

Augusta, Ga. 30907


Note: This In-Service has really been successful with a large attendance. You should make your reservations promptly to secure a room and also register for the class.


Helen In-Service:

Date:                                    September 19 through September 21, 2018

Location:                            Holiday Inn Express & Suites

Helen Convention Center

8100 S Main St

Helen, Ga.


Check-In:                           Tuesday September 18, 2018