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Michael Fowler, Sr.

Coroner Dougherty County Coroner
Home 225 Pine Avenue Room 105-2 Albany GA 31702 Work Phone: 229-302-3758 Work Fax: 229-434-2693 Cell Phone: 229-347-1157


Michael Fowler, Sr. is the coroner of Dougherty County, Albany, Georgia.
Michael Fowler has held the office of coroner of Dougherty County, Albany,
Georgia since 2012. He is a native Albanian wherein he completed grade
school at Dougherty Comprehensive High School. His collegiate career began
at Gupton-Jones College of Funeral Service in Atlanta, GA, where he holds a
degree in Mortuary Science. Michael Fowler is Certified Funeral Service
Practitioner. He is an Embalmer and Funeral Director, holding licenses in
Georgia and Florida. Michael Fowler’s entrepreneurial career began over 20 years ago when he
founded and owns Fowler’s Removal Service. Michael retired from the Georgia Bureau of
Investigation after serving 17 years as a Death Investigation Specialist. He holds numerous
certifications and has received many awards from several distinguished politicians.
Michael Fowler is no stranger to hard work and leadership as evidenced by serving in numerous
roles. He currently serves on the Georgia Composite Medical Board, as well as on the Board of Aspire
(Albany Area Community Service Board). He served 18 years on the Georgia State Board of Funeral
Service. He has served in various leadership roles, such as the former President and Vice-Chair of the
Georgia Funeral Service Practitioners Association and the past President of the Council of Economic
Development. He is a member of the Academy of Graduate Embalmers and the Academy of
Professional Funeral Service Practice. Most recently he was appointed to the Georgia Coroner’s
Training Council by the state’s Board of Public Safety. Michael Fowler is the first Dougherty County
coroner to be selected to the council. This is the first time in more than 10 years that any new member
has been selected to serve on the council.

Realizing that the greatest attribute of a leader is the willingness and ability to serve, Michael
is a member of the National Disaster Medical System’s Disaster Mortuary Team (DMORT) and has
assisted in 24 major morgue operations of mass fatalities such as the Albany floods, various plane
crashes, the 9/11 World Trade Center tragedy at Ground Zero, the Tsunami in Asia, and the devastating
Earthquake in Haiti, hurricanes such as Rita and Katrina, as well as hurricane Maria and Irma in Puerto

In 2020, he has served tirelessly during the COVID-19 crisis/ pandemic in Dougherty County.
At the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, Dougherty County was once ranked second in the state and
considered the “very worst in the United States, according to the latest per capita comparisons across
the United States as it was ranked one of the most intense by numbers hot spot in the nation (WALB).”
Michael Fowler has brought awareness to the impact of COVID-19 in Dougherty County as he has
been featured in multiple media outlets His visibility has been used as a catalyst to train/educate other
cities and counties impacted by COVID-19, to procedurally operate in a new crisis. Michael
Fowlerbeen featured in local, state, national, and international media outlets. He has been featured in
television, virtual channels, radio, magazines/publications such as:

▪ WALB News
▪ NY Times
▪ Black News Channel
▪ FOX 31 News
▪ Atlanta Magazine
▪ NPR’sThen & Now Show
▪ WSWG 44
▪ Wall Street Journal
▪ GA Health News
▪ Atlanta Journal Constitution
▪ The Washington Post
▪ Expressen Newspaper (Swedish
▪ LA Times
▪ Mother Jones’ Magazine
▪ RAPCO Media, LLC
▪ TIME Magazine
▪ iHeart Radio
▪ Diane Sawyer Special Report, Our
New Reality, on ABC
▪ British Broadcasting
Corporation (BBC)
▪ 60 Minutes
▪ Special Report – Our New Reality
▪ Associated Press
▪ Black Voters Matter
▪ ProPublica (Online Magazine)
▪ WABE 90.1 Atlanta’s NPR
▪ Zeit Magazine (a German
▪ German Media
▪ Cable News Network (CNN)
▪ Wall Street Journal
▪ Good Morning America
▪ Roland Martin’s Unfiltered
Daily Digital Show
▪ Canadian Broadcasting
Corporation (CBC)

Michael Lynn Fowler, Sr. is an influential community and spiritual leader. He is the Pastor of
Americus Holiness Deliverance Temple. After retiring, Fowler decided to fulfill a dream that he had
for years, becoming the Coroner for Dougherty County. He achieved this goal through faith in God, a
lifetime of hard work, determination to reach his own personal goals, and passion to fulfill his Godgiven purpose. Since being the Dougherty County Coroner, he has significantly increased community
awareness in the areas of opioid abuse, drowning dangers, suicide prevention, homicide prevention,
and the dangers of texting and driving. He has done various presentations, produced public service
announcements, and created live reenactments to help make the citizens of Dougherty County safer.
Of the many roles Fowler has held, his most precious was being a devoted and loving husband.
He is married to Carolyn Fowler. He is an impeccable father to Jenene, Michael, Jr., Rosalynn (Henry),
Bria, Brandi (Kaelin), and Jay. His is an adored grandfather to Jasmine, Kammyli, Kadence, and
Serenity Rose.

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225 Pine Avenue Room 105-2 Albany GA 31702