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Easy Reference Guide Medical Certifier

Here is a reference guide to help in completing death certificates on Gavers. This takes a step by step approach to completing the Medical Certification portion of the death certificate.

Easy_Reference_Guide_Medical_Certifier_v2 00-1-12-2016

Georgia Violent Death Reporting System Newsletter

Information on Unclaimed Veteran Remains

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) works with Veteran service groups, funeral industry partners, public administrators and other concerned citizens to ensure the dignified burial of unclaimed Veterans. “Unclaimed Veterans” are defined as those who die with no next of kin to claim their remains and insufficient funds to cover burial expenses. A VA pension or other compensation is no longer a pre-requisite for these “Unclaimed Veterans” to receive burial benefits. Click Unclaimed_remains for a step-by-step process for determining eligibility and arranging burial for unclaimed Veterans.